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Welcome to the McDVoice online survey at This survey is solely launched to enhance the customer satisfaction level. And in return, you stand a chance to win free stuff at McDonald’s restaurant. On successful completion of the McDVoice Survey you will receive some lucrative rewards along with a gift coupon. 

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McDonald’s has made lot of efforts to please their customer on their premises McDVoice is one of the most efficient tools for the McDonald’s to be the best in the world.

Take Survey or Give Feedback

You can be a part of the McDVoice survey at the official website You are requested be honest with your opinions, as it is an honest efforts from the McDonald’s to improve the services. Keep reading for further details and the nitty gritty of rewards.

McDVOICE Survey –

The main aim of any brand is to keep the brand outstanding. This is only possible when the company strives to ace their marketing and customer satisfaction.


McDonald’s is one of the largest food chains across the globe and has a large ocean of people as their consumers. every nation and culture has its own culture and local food and cooking styles.McDonald’s simply want to be the best, not only in the United States, but all over the world. And for your honest feedback, you will get a reward

McDVoice Participation Steps

Follow the below step to complete the survey.

  1. Visit the official McDVoice website at
  2. Once you land up on the page, select the language you would like to proceed with.
  3. Now, submit the McDVoice Survey code stamped on your receipt.
    Survey Page
  4. If you don’t have the survey code, you will be given an option to take up the survey using some details: store number, date & time of your visit.
  5. You will be now on the page with a questionnaire.
  6. Answer all the questions honestly. The questions would be about food quality, service, and staff.
  7. When you’re done with answering all the questions, click on “Submit”.
  8. The next on your screen will be the validation code for your survey.
  9. Please note it down or take a photo of the screen. You will need it on your next visit to the restaurant.

Terms & Conditions for McDvoice – McDonald’s Survey

Kindly have a look at some terms and conditions before participating in the survey. McDonald’s asks these requirements to be eligible to fill out the questionnaire and win rewards.

  1. Only five McDVoice Survey is allowed to be participated per week.
  2. You will have 30 days time to redeem your coupons after completing the survey. You won’t be able to use them after 30 days.
  3. A customer has to be a resident of Canada or the USA.
  4. The minimum age to take up this survey is 15 years.
  5. You must have a purchase receipt not more than 7 days old.
  6. You’ve never been an employee at McDonald’s.
  7. McDVoice possess rights to cancel the coupon code any time without any prior confirmation.


McDVoice Survey Benefits

Please keep in mind that, McDVoice is not at all waste of time. It’s a good chance to win free burgers and some discounts.

McDonald’s make sure that the menu and the food items are updated on the regular basis. So if you really want something to see on their menu, you can consistently direct towards it in their survey.

So, all in all, you are contributing your part in making McDonald’s better and side by side getting free stuff. 

Customer Service

In the case, you can not access the website and are facing any problems in taking up the survey, you can contact them on their toll-free No. 1-800-244-6227 (7 a.m to 7 p.m). Also, just make sure you have a good internet connection.


28 thoughts on “McDVoice | McDonald’s Customer Satisfaction Survey”

  1. Hey my name is Ashley am very happy with the attention with mrs Karla because really helpful with me really excited with me and others people I like the restaurant McDonald’s 104.

  2. Hi,
    Just wanted to complement all the staff at the McDonald’s Drive through on Hollywood park Barrow-in-Furness cumbria. Especially Catiline who works in the Drive through section. She is always so polite and have a very warm and welcoming personality, she is fantastic at her job. Also all the staff there have amazing customer service,

  3. I wants to thank you to All of McDonald’s employees , for the delicious everything that they do at McDonald’s it’s all very yummy.

  4. Just visited mcdonalds store #6574. It was nasty. trash everywhere. Restrooms filfty. Pee and fecees on seats. Dead bugs on floir. Kitchen area nasty. Manager not doing anything to keep store clean. Pmace neefs to be closed until cleaned up. Neither will i go there or recommend this place.

  5. Yall customer service is very polite and the Mamagers were working with the employees to get the orders out and I really love yall food and customer service!

  6. I came in today I allways come to McDonalds store #7097 The employees were doing there job and even the Mangers was helping out on getting the orders ready the customer service and food is Great!!

  7. Came to McDonalds 9126 Cullun They Greeted Me& My Family Good our food was hot and fresh we dine in It was A Lady that took my orders and made sure everything was fine and another lady came out checking on the customers We really enjoyed our meals

  8. I took survey within time frame. My comments where negative. The survey indicated that I had timed out. Nice way to avoid negative feed back.

  9. Mac Donald’s 30th K
    If it wasn’t for Sopheak and Nakisha , most customers would not return to this place.the homeless have over run both inside and outside
    Need security badly for the safety of the customers and staff

  10. When I go through the drive thru at evart Mi you cannot read the numbers so you can do the survey. Its been like this for months.

  11. Filled out the survey because it took 20 minutes in the drive through and my double quarter pounder with cheese was RAW! No one ever contacted me.

  12. Store #16571 on 11-26-19 @2:40pm service was not good this evening. The quarter pounder and fries were good, my cookies seemed to be over cooked and the customer service was bad. I wanted to talked with the manager but she seemed to busy with helping fill drive thru orders. WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH MCDONALDS GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE, THE STAFF DID NOT MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A VALUED CUSTOMER AND THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SAD.

  13. i enjoy double cheese burger,Been lucky all my food from mcdonald’s has been average to above and i’m 62 and have all over the U.S. & Canada

  14. I went to my favorite McD #20480 in Littleton. Co. Both Gwen and Jane were extremely helpful (as always). The service is great and the coffee is the best.

  15. Here in Las Vegas at store # 22334 DI and Pecos, we love using the drive-thru in the morning, it’s delicious coffee served by the fastest ,most accurate and friendly we ever seen! McDonald’s , who knew .

  16. I have tried numerous times to complete the survey for a free pounder with cheese or egg mcmuffin. The receipt has the code numbers unreadable. I have tried different numbers, no success.

  17. I’m on the road and just wanted a quick meal stopped into McDonald’s restaurant number 73223 to pick up a bite to eat. The Filet-O-Fish was practically falling out of the sandwich the bread was obviously dried out the two cheeseburgers we’re very sloppily meat also. This is the third time I’ve gone into this McDonald’s and had poor service the survey code would be the 07323 – 01451 – 20519 – 13496 – 00077 – 8

  18. After waiting in line for 15 minutes today at the Grants Pass south side McDonald’s drive through, I honked my horn to find out why no one was taking my order. Someone finally came out only to tell me the store was closed for a Christmas party! Seriously!? Management couldn’t have taken the time to put cones out with a sign showing the store was closed!!?? I regularly purchase food from this location; I am a disabled Veteran, cooking is difficult for me. I do enjoy quarter pounders, fresh fries and a shake for dinner a couple times a week. I thought McDonald’s held their customer in high regard, evidently not. So very unhappy consideration was not given to me it the several other customers waiting in line!

  19. I was at the Southside McDonalds in Grants Pass, OR earlier this evening. I sat in the drive- thru lane along with other customers for over 15 minutes. After honking my horn several times somebody came out and said “We’re closed for a Christmas party”. Could they not block the lanes and post a closed sign? I eat at McD’s several times a week and this was very frustrating to me.
    Thank you for listening.

  20. ordered 2 meals after got meals and set down to eat in needed tang honey mustard they charged .25 plus.02 tax what is going on never have I been charged I called back and ask manager said it was policy since when well my policy is to NOT GO BACK any more I will tell many people what has happened I spent 17.06 and get charged for sauce pkt STORE #15606 .27 has ended of us coming to your stores


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